An Ethernet-aware shop entry control system with multiple control keypads and RFID card readers, and a custom control interface for user input and alarm behaviors. 

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This self-powered club on wheels makes enough sound t fill a small auditorium on a shoestring budget.  It has club  lighting, a fog machine with fog ring cannon, strobe lights, and other special effects!

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User Projects

Petty tests the control unit he built for his custom-built portable generator as Allison works on a window sign. 


Desert cabin solar voltaic system
Shop users have built and worked on a solar system in Arclight’s Palm Desert cabin which provides all electrical power for charging visitors’ computers and  radio gear, as well as running the appliances and civilized comforts of the cabin.  This site serves as a way station for day trips and camping trips to Joshua Tree National Park, Sagamore, and numerous mines, caves, and destinations in the southern United States.


Arduino microprocessor projects

RFID Door access control  system

Beer cooler automation and temperature tracking

ID-scanning access control system


Beer cooler (Defcon contest entry)

Currently in redesign, this stainless globe contains a copper exchanger coil and valve system.  It holds two gallons of iced saltwater coolant and about a pint of beer fits into the coil when the valve is closed. 

The new version is slated to have a microprocessor temp tracking system, an automatic temperature-responsive valve, and a full head management subsystem.


Kim is the first to reach the fifteen-foot summit of the rope ascender/descender.

Rope ascender/descender

Climbers abound — we have Search and Rescue people, cavers, mine explorers, and other vertically enabled people at the 23b shop.  A new climbing pulley was mounted in the shop in 2009, which allows people to practice vertical rope work and even prepare for vertical rope skills certification tests.