No occasion will ever again be complete without the

threat of the dazzling and effective 23b Mobile Club.


23b Mobile Club

Armed with a speakable amount of funk energy, it descends upon you with mighty seizure lights, and gives you the disco heart attack of blinding heavy metal FURY as strobing gas tentacles  STEAL YOUR MIND to the hammering industrial beat!

Inexpensively built from scrap dreams and forgotten rainbows, this dumpsteriffic hellspawn of wacky ingenuity and heartwarming frolicsome grinning audio doom has been portent to the fall of three civilizations and enjoys long moonlit rolls down the corridors of any establishment or locale.


It has serenaded boulevards, sidewalks, numerous elevators, actual clubs, auditoriums, bar mitzvahs, dive bars, dive shops, hacker parties, buildings off-limits to freshmen, dens of iniquity, and celebrated venues.


23b Mobile Club Fun Facts!

It can launch pigs over the moon!

It channels dead rap artists

Its air cannon uzi weighs a ton

It placates masked wrestlers

It shoots 16 inch wide fog rings

It has mostly-vegan construction!

It can power itself for a long time

It doesn’t need any trousers at all